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First thing first

Well, you see, those of you who have come here are definitely aware of my name because it’s displayed above as the header title. So, there’s no need for me to mention my name again, right? Especially considering the level of curiosity you’ve shown so far.

I want to have a very long conversation here. Many people think that being good means having a good appearance and feeling good physically. But the reality is more than just that. I’m not saying that those who do those things aren’t good; they are, but they are in the minority.

When we say someone is a good person, what feeling does that evoke in you? For example, I consider myself a good person, and I believe that whatever I like for myself, I also like for others. And whatever I don’t like for myself, I wouldn’t want for others either.

Take a moment to think about this sentence: “Do you think you are a good person?”

Got it?

Did you see?

Being a good person isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

When you have good thoughts, good words, and good actions, along with the statement above, I don’t think there’s anything left to contradict being good or to argue against it.

Now let me expand the topic a bit further.

I am a programmer, and I don’t have any extraordinary talents. I simply try and make an effort to be good at it. However, outside the monitor, I lead a vastly different life—one that most people wouldn’t understand because it’s not commonly known among different lives.

But there are those worse off than us. I hope they are doing well. As for myself, let me share a bit:

I code. I play games. I am currently single, although I’ve had a few relationships in the past. The reason for my separation is quite complicated and beyond patience, but I hope wherever they are, they are doing well. In general, I work a lot. I don’t take it easy on myself. I don’t know if what I do is good or not; it’s just my way, and I’ve gotten used to it.

I study.

I work, whether it’s rewarding or not.

I’m 27 years old, born in February.

I prefer cold weather over warmth.

My favorite colors are white and blue.

Life isn’t easy for me. I’m not unlucky, but I’m not comfortable or wealthy either.

I love gaming, coding, and mathematics. Although I’m no Einstein in math, both math and I understand each other well—we’re always in sync.

There are some title i play more than others and i will tell them later. lets continue shall we ?


Well I live in Iran, Great ancient country but poor and weak recent years. I don't hate Iran at all, but don't mistake I really want to migrate out of Iran as soon as possible I think i can have a better life if i change my place if im going to tell you about Iran country nows is the time

Iran has some fucking pretty cities

if you ever step in Iran be sure to check Shiraz because someone very specially is there who was GREAT KING and king of kings Cyrus his body i mean his grave is there Most of the time police block people








  1. Switching between dark mode or light mode will trigger transitions on elements that are meant for explicit interactions like hover. We can disable transitions temporarily to prevent this. For Next.js, use next-themes which prevents transitions out of the box.

  2. This is a matter of taste but some interactions just feel better with no motion. For example, the native macOS right click menu only animates out, not in, due to the frequent usage of it.

  3. Most touch devices on press will temporarily flash the hover state, unless explicitly only defined for pointer devices with @media (hover: hover).

  4. Use will-change as a last resort to improve performance. Pre-emptively throwing it on elements for better performance may have the opposite effect.

  5. This might be controversial but sometimes it can be beneficial to manipulate the DOM directly. For example, instead of relying on React re-rendering on every wheel event, we can track the delta in a ref and update relevant elements directly in the callback.

  6. Disabled buttons do not appear in tab order in the DOM so the tooltip will never be announced for keyboard users and they won't know why the button is disabled.

  7. As of 2023, Safari will not take the border radius of an element into account when defining custom outline styles. Safari 16.4 has added support for outline following the curve of border radius. However, keep in mind that not everyone updates their OS immediately.